10 Beach Looks We Love

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From the Globe-Trotter to the Beach Diva and everything in between. Which look will go well with who you are? Find your match from these 10 looks we love, or create your very own look from our summer collection, made by some of our best Egyptian designers, from sunglasses, to beach bags, coverups, flip flops, clutches, hats and swimsuits.

1- The Globe Trotter

This look is for serial wanderer whos passport stamps far outnumber the number of shoes she owns. She seeks ultimate comfort with adventure and knows her itinerary well to plan accordingly.

Clutch by Dazz
Flip Flop by Shibshibi
Beach overalls by Nine Crimes

2- Princess of the Tropics

This look is for the one who comes alive when the sun is out. She has a chilled personality, a party vibe and seizes every opportunity to relax, unwind and recharge.

Swimsuit by Salt
Beach bag by Cubs 
Sunglasses Byjazzy


3- The Grounded Soul

This look is for the one who is completely self-aware and centered, derives her energy from the earth and its planets and lives in the present moment. She packs her yoga mat every single trip.

Dress by Nine Crimes 
Earrings by Reem Jano
Clutch by Koffa Handmade

4- The Ray of Sunshine

This beach look is for the one who looks for the rainbow no matter what happens and is ready to take on any challenge with a cheerful spirit. Grateful and happy come what may.

Cover up by Salt 
Flip flops by Shibshibi
Clutch by Tagari

5- The Classic 

This look is the for the one who loves black and white movies and longs to live in the bygone golden era, yet is totally on-trend when it comes to classic style.

Earrings by Indira
Tote by Tagari
Dress by Fufa


6- The Fearless

Sleek, bold and vibrant is what sets this look apart from the rest. It's for the one who is not afraid to mix patterns and wears intriguing shades.

Dress by Opio
Sunglasses by Amr Saad
Hat by Talking Hats 

7- The Boho at heart 

This look is for the free spirits among us, who float around spreading peaceful vibes. They love flowy fabrics and own a unique style inspired by the glorious 70s.

Swimsuit by Nine Crimes 
Coverup by Salt
Sunglasses ByJazzy




8- The Black Swan

This look for the unpredictable personality, with a particularly artsy flair. She is independent, impulsive and sensitive. 

Coverup by Opio
Swimsuit by Salt
Clutch by Sand and Lilly

9- The Hopeless Romantic

This look is for the one who is drawn by nature and looks to the natural world for inspiration. She is a dreamer who gets sentimental when her favorite song is playing.

Blouse by Angelica Fleur
Backpack by Colorful Yarns
Sunglasses By Jazzy

10- The Beach Diva

This look is for the life of the party, the social butterfly who knows everyone and everyone knows her.
A trend-setter who dances to the beat of her own soundtrack.

Kaftan by Opio
Sunglasses By Jazzy
Hat by Talking Hats

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