Meet Noha Abbassi

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Known for her signature geometric design philosophy and authentic workmanship, rising designer Noha Abbassi fuses elements of nature, celestial muses and the cosmos to bring her signature star design to life. Read on to find out what’s on her mind…

Tell us about yourself, including what you do and how you got there


I am a mother to two beautiful kids, a 4th generation jeweler and a certified diamond grader. My journey with jewelry started 11 years ago when I started sketching my earliest designs working side by side my father, a jeweler himself. It all happened when I was constantly on the look-out for special pieces that would represent me that I’d either like to wear myself or gift to others. So I started creating customized pieces for myself to enjoy and for close friends and family, and before I knew it the circle kept getting bigger. It was last year when I finally decided to launch my brand under the name Noha Abbassi Jewellery, one that celebrates Egyptian handcraft drawing inspiration from timeless muses that I’ve collected over the years from our family heritage and workshop, combined with global design trends, presented in luxurious precious metal and stones, featuring the beautiful combination of 18kt gold and sterling silver.


Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?


What’s unique about our collections is that they beautifully combine handcraft with global trends for the true modern woman of today. Our creations are inspired by nature turned into geometric structures. Our pieces are like collectibles that you can just add to your jewelry collection one creation at a time. It’s important for me that every design we create is a result of research, translating into individuality.

What do you think of the evolving fashion scene in Egypt and the region?


With the growth of social media and increased globalization, we’ve been seeing the industry ever-more connected and ever-more growing. This connectivity has made it a lot easier for Middle Eastern designers especially to crack the industry and have higher visibility than we would have perhaps a decade ago. There is so much more opportunity to grow and we’d love to see more support being given to the region’s talents.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?


Music, art, a beautiful pattern or anything living in nature. I love letting my creative energy flow into my designs and not to be limited to one specific inspiration. I’m inspired by everything around me and I carry my sketchbook everywhere I go. I see every sketch as a challenge into how I can turn it into a stunning, structured, practical and modern piece of jewelry.


What kind of person wears your jewelry?


People who appreciate soulful jewelry. A lot of soul is really put into each piece whether on the design front or craft front. A close friend once told me that my jewelry speaks to her soul and it stuck with me ever since that this is the type of person that would connect with our creations.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?


Each piece is special to me as it resonates to a specific time in my life. However, my Star pieces from our debut Celest collection are one of the closest to my heart, other than my obsession with stars, and the fact that it took us 3 months of research to come up with our very own ingenuous stars, taking one element and turning it into an entire collection the way we did was such a thrilling journey!


What are some of the key challenges you faced when building your brand and how did you overcome them?


The continuous challenge always remains to be introducing new and unique creations that our clients would appreciate while building up our customer base with ever-growing competition. This is what keeps us going forward and upwards with passion everyday.


Who is your favorite designer (local or international) and why?


I consider myself lucky to have met two of the most inspiring designers in the industry during their visits to my father’s factory back in the 90’s and international jewelry exhibitions: Designers Suzanne El Masry and Azza Fahmy. They are an inspiration of all sorts. I love their passion for art and its translation into handcrafted jewelry. And how Designer Azza Fahmy grew her empire internationally with the help of her daughters through cultural designs that celebrated our Egyptian heritage. Fernando Jorge, Monique Pèan and Nina Bernanto are three of many international designers I love.


What is your advice for young emerging talents in fashion and design?

Stay inspired and keep going!

What are the upcoming trends in jewelry design?

Layering for sure! And mixing and matching. Statement Hoops, Chokers and 90s style trends have also made a huge comeback and continue to do so in different forms every year. That being said, staying true to one’s art is the nicest and most timeless trend to always follow!

To check Noha Abbassi's full collection press here 

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Ajour Consultancy