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ALIEL: The Small Bags with a Lot of Meaning

ALIEL: The Small Bags with a Lot of Meaning

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. This is especially applicable for ALIEL bags; despite the small size, they say a lot about the woman who designed them and the women carrying them.

Being surrounded by art while growing up, designer Leila Abotira had always had the passion for artistic expression.

“Growing up in an artistic family triggered a new vision where design becomes the instrument in freedom of expression, feelings and emotions,” she said.

Her passion project, ALIEL (Leila backwards), was the product of her inspiration and love for fashion that stemmed from an upbringing full of art.

Despite not studying fashion per se, Leila earned her fashion skills and experience by paying attention to what’s around her, as she “grew up in an artistic family specialized in leather products.”

Seven years ago, and after some time working in corporate, Leila started working on her brand. But balancing her work life and passion project was not easy….so she chose to pursue her passion full time.

“I didn’t have the time to work in parallel, so as soon I decided to achieve my dream I started my brand,” she said, “I directed all my energy and time to this project and, taking small steps, it eventually came to life.”

Given her family business, it was only natural for Leila’s brand to be specialized in bags.

“I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about leather goods,” she said, “I knew all its technicalities, and that created a passion for it, giving me a good eye when it comes to details and finishing.”

While attention to detail and good finishing are a constant of the ALIEL brand, Leila doesn’t adhere to a standard signature in designing her bags. She does not “want to limit [her] boundaries to a certain set of designs.”

“In fact, every design has its own story and inspiration. Each piece talks a different language that represents me and every woman,” she said.

Her latest collection, the Horra collection, is Leila’s favorite.

“For me it breaks the stereotyping of how a woman should be represented. In my eyes, a woman at any given age is always young and playful at heart. This is what my collection is about: being free, colorful, playful and edgy.”

The collection of small bags with colorful and edgy handles has quickly captured the eyes and hearts of many customers. Seeing women buying and carrying her bags has deeply affected Leila as it “gives [her] the satisfaction of knowing that [her] message was actually translated to every woman who carries ALIEL.”

“Having my own brand gave me the opportunity to connect my imaginary world with every woman,” Leila said, “It allowed me to transfer how I see the world through artistic pieces.”

Leila is currently working on her next collection and promises her customers that they will see it soon…  



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