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Amena Farahat is an Egyptian designer and jewelry maker who started her own business in 2017. After her Bachelor in business administration from the American University in Cairo, she started working in the field of marketing within different multinational organizations. However, she soon realized that, in order to fulfill her desire for creativity and artistic production, she needed to shift carriers.

She then embarked on a journey to bring her design vision and her persistent doodles to reality. She joined the Italian “Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School” in Egypt for a semester then enrolled in different courses learning different techniques. Amena developed her skills and applied her creative talent, putting her unique drawings to the test, and eventually launched her eponymous jewelry line, to great acclaim. From inspired doodles to sophisticated designs, Amena’s timeless pieces reflect her warm, elegant, and bold personality. 

She loves incorporating different materials such as natural leather and adorning her creations with precious and semi-precious stones as well as natural pearls, giving them a perennial elegance.  

Her diverse and non-traditional designs are an amalgamation of the modern and chic, classic and bold thus catering to every age and taste. 

Constantly searching for original trends and unusual techniques, Amena strives for innovation. She finds inspiration in nature’s assorted, yet harmonious, shapes. She brings her visions to life with precision and the highest quality. As a conscientious designer, and to give back to her community, she employs local craftsman and labor, thus her pieces are all proudly Egyptian. 

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