DINA KAMEL: Creating Signatures

Some things are better expressed through art. That was how 27 year old jewelry designer, painter and pharmacist Dina Kamel approached her art when creating her brand.

“I feel like humans are always looking for a way of connecting or expressing whether to stand out or fit in, and jewelry is a very subtle yet bold way to state, express and attract,” Dina said.

As Dina looked for different creative methods and paths to create and craft art, she found jewelry making.

“I took a jewelry making course to better understand the technique and learnt all the basics and started my jewelry brand in 2019,” she said.

Describing her own personal style as simple, Dina said that she finds enjoyment in “finding an item or style that speaks for itself and would add a bit of an edge to my outfit.”

“I focus on reflecting that in my jewelry, designing that piece that can completely change your outfit effortlessly, whichever mood you're in,” she added.

Dina said that her design process starts with imagining shapes in her head then sketching them out on paper and then playing around with the design.

“It helps to create a mood board as well; I always find different shapes popping in my head when I constantly look around for inspiration,” she said, “You can find it everywhere and in everything, that’s the infinite beauty of it.”

Early on in the process, Dina knew she wanted to create something geometric that embodies the brand completely. Something that is unique to Dina Kamel, drawing on all the elements that inspire Dina.

“I thought it was really important to have a signature design to best promote the brand,” she said, “So I spent entire days sketching, starting with geometric patterns from my paintings and playing around, until I sketched the Signature Earrings, and it all started from there!”

Dina took that design and worked on producing and launching an entire collection based on the same design elements and inspiration.

“I guess that is why the Signature Earring is my favorite piece as well!”

Creating an entire collection of different pieces using the same signature design can present its own challenges though, according to Dina.

“It gets pretty challenging producing distinctive yet similar pieces but I am interested and very curious to see how far and how many more designs I can keep creating,” she said.

However, she found that the most challenging thing for her was “dedicating enough time for two full time jobs and a hobby all of which in I’m truly passionate about.”

But nothing is stopping her now.

Dina said that she currently finds herself drawn to the “rawness of metals” and is playing around and becoming familiar with them.

“Hopefully there will be some interesting new collections coming up next!”



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