Editor’s Picks: Treat Yourself!

Winter is a time to cozy up and layer up in warm layers and blankets, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin and hair. With MITCHA’s curated collection of natural and practical beauty products, though, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to take care of yourself during this tough season.



A time-honored way to nourish your hair is using shea butter. We particularly love the Shea Butter by NEFERTARI for its ability to Moisturizes dry, brittle hair and restore its moisture and shine.

For an easy refreshment if you just can’t bring yourself to run your hair down some cold water, the Hydrating Hair Mist by BRAES is your best friend this winter. Just shake the bottle and spray generously throughout the ends of your hair to get a glamorous wet look and sweet-smelling hair all day long. The White Musk Vanilla scent particularly is a favorite of ours.

And for the times when you want to spend extra time taking care of your hair in the shower, try the Argan Oil Infused set of Shampoo and Conditioner by BRAES. Argan oil is known for its ability to hydrate and soften hair ends all while nourishing your scalp with its antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E.



Winter can be particularly tough on the skin. Between dry spots and acne, your skin just cannot thrive in this weather. This is why we love the Professional Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum by RHEA. It is a  powerful antioxidant and is rich in vitamin C. It deflects the damaging effects of everyday exposure to pollutants while kick-starting collagen creation. While hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring carbohydrate – is phenomenally hydrophilic (water-loving): it attracts and retains up to 1000 times its own molecular weight in water to ‘swell’ cells and in turn, reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Acne doesn’t take a break, even when it’s cold. For a natural treatment for acne, try the Tea Tree Serum Oil for Acne by BODY BLOOM. It will dry out acne spots and give you the fresh face you want.

For a natural color to your lips that will elevate your daily routine without too much effort or chemicals, the Tint by LAURETTE should be your go-to product. Made from coconut oil and beeswax, it’s a natural and colorful addition to any look.



There are not many things that can beat coffee…. except maybe chocolate. There’s nothing better than both together though, so enjoy the Chocolate & Coffee Scrub by LAURETTE and enjoy a refreshing and delicious bath.

For a truly relaxing and aromatic bath experience, the Spearmint Soap by SOUL & MORE will help you clear your mind with its aromatherapy as well as relax your muscles and give you a natural glow.



Because your nails are just as an essential part of your beauty routine as your skin, hair and body, don’t forget to use the Nail and Cuticle Oil by OSVALDO’S. It will Instantly soften the cuticles and helps the nails grow longer, stronger, and brighter.


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