ETCHES: Basics with a Twist

From a young age, Raghda and Rowaida knew that they had a knack for fashion, then as they grew up the knack developed into something more.

“We started to tailor our dresses. Then, through college we knew that it’s our passion [so] we started to take courses,” they said.

But it didn’t stop at that because as they pursed the passion they knew that they had to be equipped with some specific fashion knowledge and certifications as well. Their experience includes courses at The Fashion Studio (TFS) and the Dubai Fashion Institute (FAD).

With enough experience and an interest to create something out of nothing, Raghda and Rowaida created Etches, a brand that they describe as “minimalist trendy” and “basics with a twist.”

“When you wear a piece from Etches no one should ever feel like it’s a local designer made it,” they said.

Their brand was fueled by their passion to create, as they express that “the whole process to us is magical since imagining the piece [and] the colors then turn to reality”

Their latest collection, the Cart collection, was inspired by what might be called ‘comfy casuals;’ pieces that are comfortable but chic enough to stand out on their own.

Their favorite pieces from the collection are the Cart Set and the Limited-Edition Coat.

But the process hasn’t always been easy, as they admit to sometime struggling with managing the time and manpower to create the pieces for the brand, expressing also that the desire to please their audience can often also weigh on them as well as the design process itself since they always want to think outside the box.

Raghda and Rowaida still have a full schedule ahead with their brand as they have already started working on their Ramadan collection.

“Ramadan with our twist,” they said.

They also hope to have their own store soon.




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