Happy Eid!

This is usually the time of year we travel or spend some quality time with our families, and while the circumstances this year perhaps don’t allow that, we can still enjoy the essence of Eid albeit a little bit different this time around.

While the social distancing measure we have all had to adapt to means we cannot see our loved ones face to face, the age we live in now has allowed us to see them and speak to them in several other ways! You can call, FaceTime, text or if you want to get sentimental, write a handwritten letter and mail it. We’ve checked, and the post office is still operating!

Even if you cannot travel, find something new to do at home that keeps you entertained. This year maybe bake your own Eid kahk instead of buying them. The mixing and the inevitable clean up process after the mixing will for sure occupy a big chunk of the day and leave you fulfilled and well-fed.

These circumstances we’re all living through are difficult and strange. But in order for them not to become even more difficult and more strange, we all have a social responsibility to follow the necessary precautions.

Stay safe.

And happy Eid from the MITCHA family.


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