How Yoga Can Keep You in Shape and Active During the Quarantine

With a lot of spending more time at home and getting a couple more hours to ourselves that would have otherwise been spent in commute, we’ve seen a lot of new and secret talents emerge: baking, cooking, crafting, drawing and so many other healthy coping mechanisms to respond to this ongoing crisis.

Some also used this opportunity and extra time that they never had before to start working out (albeit at home and with no equipment…. still great though!).

One of our favorite ways to exercise at home is through yoga. Yoga is a combo of exercising, meditation and relaxation that works on both mind and body at the same time. A great thing about yoga is that it focuses on breathing, which makes it great for this time especially when sometimes all we need to do is take a minute and breathe and be aware of our breathing.

A misconception about yoga is that it’s just sitting cross-legged and saying ‘ohm’ but that is not true. Here is a list of what yoga can actually do to your body:

  • Improve flexibility. Connecting movements to the breath helps your muscles further and increases flexibility.
  • Builds muscle strength and tones muscles. Yoga involved holding positions for sometimes a long period of time, which strengthens the muscles and gives them that tone look that is often strived for.
  • Weight loss. Yes, yoga can help you lost weight. Some types of yoga give that intensity to the routine that will help you lose weight and get in the shape you want.
  • Body awareness. There is nothing better than knowing your own body and knowing what every ache or crack in bones can mean. It is often more psychological than physical, so your body always tries to tell you what stresses it out and what relaxes it. Just notice how hunched your shoulders become after a long day working. Yoga gives you the tools to recognize this and deal with it in a healthy way.

Because we are so passionate about yoga right now, we now have a new exclusive selection of yoga mats to help you start and maintain a healthy yoga routine.



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