M COLLECTION: Beauty in Minimalism

Minimalist jewelry is rare in two meanings of the word; it is hard to find, and it is an absolutely precious piece to own and wear. Egyptian label M Collection has been a pioneer of minimalist jewelry in Egypt since 2014, helping drive the trend forward with customizable and elegant minimalist pieces.

“The jewelry label has garnered a lot of traction in being the first in launching the minimal style trend amongst traditional Egyptian jewelers & renowned design labels, ultimately reshaping the industry and motivating many to follow suit,” said lead designer and art director Melina Argyriou and entrepreneur Mina Abdou Youssef.

Combining Melina’s Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the American University in Cairo and numerous jewelry-making courses in PennState and with Azza Fahmy with Mina’s position as a 2nd generation jeweler and entrepreneur, they created a brand that has “successfully revolutionized Egyptian jewelery with the introduction of its all-gold minimalistic and trendy personalized designs.”


Starting under House of Select, “[the] collaboration started on a friendly basis and evolved to become renowned as Egypt’s young and fresh minimal brand.”

M Collection uses the “time-honored handcraft” of Egyptian artisans to accentuate European appeal and create accessible and luxurious 18kt gold jewelry.

These simple and luxurious pieces encourage their wearers to stack – a trend of wearing several minimalist pieces of jewelry on top of one another, a trend which M Collection has continued to set the trends for, and which has “gained recognition in the fashion industry.”

“M Collection pieces inspire men and women to create their own collection and layering of meaningful pieces,” they said, “Each piece says a story of its own, and therefore every combination of jewelry becomes a unique one.”

M Collection, as the name suggests, is based on the concept of collections. An idea sparks and the process starts.

“Each Collection is inspired by a trip, an event, or even a season, all related to the seaside. The whole process is very organic, as just one look at nature can trigger a whole Collection.”

Next is the sketching process where the design is shown to the skilled Egyptian artisans in order to decide how the design can become a reality. Then a sample is produced which, if approved by Melina, gets produced and distributed to outlets.

“M Collection is planning on expanding both locally as well as internationally in the very near future, to proudly showcase the value of collaboration between two very rich - culturally - worlds: the Greek and the Egyptian.”


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