SCRUBBY BUBBY: Fun, Quality and Safety

After 7 years working in the Hotel industry and 17 years in IT, Mayar Yehia took the leap to follow her passion by creating Scrubby Bubby, her very own home business.

“I have always had a passion for formulating natural cosmetics, and I have always had the dream to turn this passion into a career,” she said, “My passion kept growing, but I never had to time to launch it officially.”

Ten years ago, Mayar quit her job as a marketing manager and earned a Natural Skin Care Formulation Certificate and proceeded to plan out her brand.

“After quitting my job, I did not hesitate to take Scrubby Bubby to the next level and decided to officially open the first store in late 2018.”


One of Mayar’s struggles in creating and promoting an Egyptian beauty brand is creating awareness in the marketing.

“I believe that in Egypt the natural and organic cosmetics market lacks quality brands, and the few good ones are really expensive,” she said, “My brand is of the highest quality, affordable and has a vast range of creative products.”

Not only that, but in addition to finding and using all the best raw materials, Mayar cares about delivering the best packaging as well.

“Finding the best packaging always remains a challenge,” she said,
“We do our best to use the best quality of jars and containers.”

As the main formulator of Scrubby Bubby products who involves subject matter experts during the production phase, Mayar aims to gain the trust of customers by promoting the products the right way and educating “all our customers about natural and organic products.”

“We always work on educating our customers about the difference between 100% organic and natural products and products that are mostly natural,” she said.

“We never claim our products to be 100% natural, although a few of them are.”


Beauty products are highly personal items, and every beauty routine is a special personal experience. That’s why Mayar’s favorite thing about having her own beauty brand is “offering the best shower experience for our customers and seeing people pampering themselves and having fun with our products.”

Her personal favorite items are the Dark Chocolate with Mint Rush and the Sweety Baby Perfume.


Scrubby Bubby has come a long way since the launch of its first story in late 2018, and can now be found in major shopping centers like City Stars and Cairo Festival City, and Scrubby Bubby Products are being sold in Blooms Pharmacies and Al Sagheer Beauty Salons.

“We now serve customers all over Egypt and we are planning to expand to the rest of the world soon. We are thrilled to be a part of the natural cosmetics industry,” Mayar said.

“My dream has come true!”




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