Stay Safe. Work from Home

Over the past few weeks, the routine of our daily lives have shifted in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Having to adjust to working from home is difficult especially for those who normally lead very active lives. However, as we take the responsibility of this virus seriously, we can all make a few adjustments to our daily lives in order to cope.

Work from Home

Most of us have now had to work from home for an indefinite period of time. Replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual meetings from your desk at home can be quite confusing. How do you remain professional in the space where you’re normally the most casual? Well, the stereotype of the professional suit jacket over pyjama pants has rung quite true for a lot of us. At MITCHA, we’ll take that stereotype a little further.


Styling the Long/Short Blazer by FARAH WAGDY over biker shorts or sports leggings is the easiest way to make the transition between working and working out. Just like our transition into the next point.

Working Out from Home

After taking out commute times from our schedules, we find a lot more time on our hands. One productive way to use that time is to put it towards healthier living: eating well and working out.

The internet is full of great home workout videos, but sometimes it’s just tough to find the motivation. However, the theory of ‘enclothed cognition’ says that what you wear affects how you feel, so new workout clothes will actually give you the motivation to work out.


AYO has a lot of stylish and practical workout clothes that will motivate you to get in shape.

Working the Remote Control

It’s an uncertain and strange time in our world’s history. With working from home, and the kids being off from school, sometimes all you can do is just survive. And that’s okay. Survive with the remote control in your hands, and explore all that Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime has to offer.

Relax in the Triko Set by AZIZA for an easy, comfortable and lazy look that you can lounge in all day long.


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