The Effect of Coronavirus on Online Shopping Habits

The social distancing habits most of us have embedded into our lives in order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus have also changed our daily routines in more ways than we can realize right now.

As MITCHAs, one of our main concerns was how this would affect online shopping habits; for one thing, with most physical stores closed, the demand for online retailers is much higher, but on the other hand, because people are not going out as often, they simply don’t need to buy as much luxury products such as clothes.

As our attitudes and routines shift to cope with the times, we thought we’d look into the changing habits of online shoppers.

Safety Concerns

While there is a lot that scientists don’t yet know about the virus, it is very unlikely for the virus to be transferred through delivery packages (for food, furniture, clothes or otherwise). According to the evidence scientists have right now, as long as you disinfect the outer packaging well (packaging directly handled by the courier), then the risk is almost nonexistent.

In fact, shopping online is encouraged during this time as it a much safer alternative to shopping in a physical store.

Orders are prepared and packaged days in advance of delivery, so by the time the order is delivered to the customer; there will be no traces of the virus on any items.

Just a note her to say that MITCHA takes the utmost care in preparing every order as we make sure that every safety measure is followed in order to protect our customers and employees.


E-commerce retailers have witnessed firsthand how consumption shifted during this period of social isolation. People are not buying so called ‘going out’ products, but have shifted to ‘staying in’ products. This is something that we encourage as the best advice to follow right now is to stay home as much as you can in order to stop the spread of COVID-19!

On MITCHA, you can shop said ‘staying in’ products by looking at our sophisticated section of home accessories. We hear some of you #MITCHATribe members are getting creative with your cooking....


While most online retailers are still operating, a lot of them (MITCHA included) have had to shift to shorter working hours. Not only that, courier companies and shipping services are doing so, too. That, in addition to country-wide lockdowns have limited the time when orders could be safely delivered. So while we may be working slower, we’re working harder to make sure your orders reach you safely and in a timely manner.


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