The Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to wear red and green, decorate the Christmas tree and delight in the festivities of the season. At MITCHA, one of our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is by spoiling our loved ones with gifts. That’s why this year we compiled a list of the best gifts to give and receive this time of year. Bonus: Everything is under 1000EGP!

With 2019 coming to a close and the next decade presenting new opportunities to grow and follow your dreams, this is the best time of decade to give the gift of planning. THE WRITE CONCEPT’s brand new 2020 planners are an essential way to keep track of goals and make sure the new year is as fruitful as it can be. Every year we say, “New year, new me” but this time, we mean it!

Available in black marble and floral there is sure to be a suitable planner for every taste and style. 

But before anyone starts planning for 2020, we first need to wrap up 2019 in style. We recommend doing so in jewelry. If your loved on is the type who loves glitter and gold, then MITCHA’s curated selection of jewelry will help you find that perfect little accessory that will end the year on a high note. We absolutely love the Flora collection by DNA JEWELRY, and we think the Flora Ring and the Flora Stacking String Bracelet would make a perfect gift for a special person this time of year. 

We also love ECHAPPE’s collection of accessories for men for their durability and detail. Our favorite is the Blackbird; its dark color makes it versatile enough to suit any outfit or occasion.


With the party season in full swing and with the quick turnover of party outfits, lots of women might be looking for that versatile bag that also makes a statement. The Teal Round Bag by KEIKO is a versatile and trendy piece that will go with all the little black dresses in any woman’s wardrobe.


December is the time to party, but if getting cozy with some hot chocolate and a good book is more their speed, then we’ve got the perfect mugs for that delicious chocolate-y concoction. With marshmallows on top, of course! These mugs by MERAYTI ARTS are available in off-white and rose will keep the hands warm throughout the winter.


Winter and the holidays are not without their troubles though. This time could be a tough time to care for your skin; the cold dries out skin and chaps the lips. This is why some people like to care a little extra about their skin care routines this time of year. Consider the Rose Face Clay Mask by SASKIA or the Cherry Bathbomb by AREEJ AROMATHERAPY. Sometimes the best way to care for your loved ones is to allow them the time and means to care for themselves.


Help your loved ones stay warm this winter in the creative sock prints by IN YOUR SHOE and SOCKSY! They’re not just warm, but they are super creative as well. Our favorite is the mismatched blue and red Elmo and Cookie Monster socks, because…. mismatched socks were an inevitability anyway.


Happy holidays and happy shopping from all of us at MITCHA!


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