URBAN JEWELS: Statement Earrings Made Easy

Statement earrings can often be intimidating. They can often look difficult to style and pull off, but that is particularly what inspired the brand Urban Jewels.

A keen eye for detail and an avid desire to collect earrings from every country she travelled to inspired 23-year-old Fatima Hussein to launch her own jewelry brand to create her own bold statement earrings.

“What inspired me to launch Urban Jewel was my ongoing love for buying earrings from any country I used to visit and experimenting with different styles,” Fatima said, “So many of my friends whom thought it was too hard to pull off such bold earrings started experimenting themselves, after seeing them on me, and that’s what sparked the idea.”

For Fatima, an architecture student, art has always been a part of her life. She had always loved painting, drawing, photography and any sort of design-related work. But fashion and jewelry were an even more significant passion for her.

“Growing up I used fashion as a form of self-expression, especially with the use of jewelry,” Fatima said, “I found love in being able to re-make any regular outfit with a unique earring and playing around with that.”

Fatima herself has always been a big fan of earrings, especially statement earrings. In terms of what she personally wears, she tends to go for “big, statement earrings that stand out and make my outfit just so much more fun!”

Why Fatima created an earrings brand specifically was a mixture between elevating a girl’s outfit and her confidence.

“I believe earrings bring focus to the face, and they have an extremely strong ability to make any basic outfit more flattering,” she said, “In addition, earrings and accessories in general can completely elevate any girl’s confidence and change their outlook, which is what fueled the idea of having an earrings-focused brand.”

Drawing on her education and experience in architecture, Fatima would find inspiration in her surroundings.

“I began grabbing inspiration from interesting geometry, nature, and designs that are easy on the eye and can work on any outfit. I find happiness in having a range of designs that are geometrically and aesthetically pleasing.”

It can often be difficult to merge different sources of inspiration into one collection or one piece, but Fatima’s ability to connect the dots to create something “relatable to the eye” made it happen.

“The key is to play with interesting shapes & geometries, while keeping the proportions similar and bold enough to shine,” she said.

A jewelry lover to her core, Fatima expressed that while she has different favorites in the collection depending on the day, outfit and season, the Doodly Pearl Earrings are particularly dear to her heart.

“It was one of my first releases and people loved it automatically, so it holds a special place in my journey,” she said.

Fatima is already releasing some new designs to prepare for the summer collection, which you can find on MITCHA and on URBAN JEWEL’s Instagram page: @UrbanJewel.eg.

Moving forward, Fatima hopes to “launch new designs, offer a wide range for all the girls who like simpler options as well,” she said.

“I’m hoping to expand also to offer rings and necklaces in the future, but let’s see about where that takes me!”



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