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For the love of fabrics ️

Once upon a time there was a little girl who used to accompany her mama to the fabric stores. 

That girl was me...

I was mesmerized by the rows of amazing colors and designs. Bit by bit, these shopping sprees became an inspiration to create beautiful, unique pieces. 

From there on, my interest in textures and colors started, and as I got older, my passion for fabrics and designs grew too. 

My mama, known as Fafaya, designed her own clothes - she made dresses for the little girls in her family too. They were made with love...                                                                                               Today, Fafaya's legacy lives on in these designs. She was beautiful, she was elegant and she was fun.

She was my mama 

She is Fafaya ️

The "Fafaya" coat is bold and versatile...it's about integrating memories, experience and passion.  Suitable for all age groups, you can wear your Fafaya coat over jeans or to compliment an evening/ cocktail dress.  

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