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Have a Blessed Ramadan!

Have a Blessed Ramadan!

The MITCHA family hopes you can enjoy a blessed and fruitful Ramadan, even if Ramadan is different this year.

Different, however, does not mean necessarily mean things are worse. While we may not get to enjoy the big family gatherings we’re all used to, this time can be spent strengthening and reconnecting what truly matters. By focusing on the true spirit of Ramadan, we can emerge with something different at the end of 30 days that is still enjoyable and worthwhile.


We’ve been having a lot of fun seeing your kitchen creations on Instagram, and what a better time to continue improving your cooking skills than Ramadan! With almost an entire day to look forward to this one big delicious meal, you can get ready to prepare all kinds of dishes and even desserts. Serve up your dishes like a true pro with MITCHA’s collection of home accessories, too! And don’t forget to share pictures on Instagram.


Ramadan had always been a challenging time to stay fit and in shape, what with all the gatherings, laziness and of course, all the delicious food. With this year’s changes, it doesn’t have to be this way because you can be in charge of your own cooking, work out routines and overall health. You can take some of the time between iftar and sohour to do a workout of your choosing. We recommend yoga for its breathing and meditative techniques that might help ground and relax you during this time.


As a final note, we urge you to remember what Ramadan is truly about: strengthening your relationship with God. This might be an opportunity to disregard all the traditions we’ve only recently begun to associate with Ramadan and focus on the true essence of this holy month.

Have a blessed Ramadan and Ramadan Kareem.

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