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Jewelry Galore Open the Treasure Box

Jewelry Galore Open the Treasure Box

Silver, gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Open the treasure box and behold.

The beauty of jewelry is timeless, and jewelry is one of the few fashion statements that rarely ever go out of style. Whether you use your jewelry to express or to decorate, MITCHA style experts offer you the following styling tips to elevate your everyday outfit with gorgeous and timeless statement jewelry.

One of the best ways to use jewelry is to use them as a pop of color. A black dress or a T-shirt can look colorful with the right jewelry. The new earring collection by SOLEIL is characterized by distinctive changant abalone shapes that make any dark outfit come to life. We particularly like the Ocean and Pearl Square Studs for the juxtaposition of the round pearl and the square abalone. What’s more is that this earring (as well as others in the collection) can be worn in five different ways, so you get five earrings for the price of one.

For a sophisticated put-together look, the hardware of your jewelry and other accessories should match. Style the silver earrings with the silver Mila Ring by INDIRA for a simple, yet elegant and colorful look.

We also recommend the HC Cuff by MENAN AWAD; we like it for the intricacy of its design, the beautiful green stone and the uniqueness of the piece. It is suitable for a more formal occasion and can stand as a statement piece all on its own or can be incorporated into a detailed look.

Don’t leave your fingers bare, though, and consider wearing the versatile Liquify Flat Ring by EMAN & CO. This shape-shifting gold-plated piece gives way to all kinds of geometric possibilities that you can create. If you’re the kind to fidget with your rings a lot, then there’s no better ring to fidget with than this one.

Show off your favorite pieces and let the world know that you own a timeless, classic and gorgeous piece of jewelry.


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