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Material: High quality precious Aquamarine and Lapis Lazulo gemstones in 21K Gold plated earrings. Description: Seeing that the product contains precious stones, each stone may slightly differ in color from a piece to the other. Aquamarine: as the root of its name would suggest, the finest colors of aquamarine are remindful of the sea and the more like a perfect translucent blue lagoon, the more attractive the stone is considered. The intensity of the color is important with dark blues and greenish blues being most valued and admired of aquamarine and also appreciate the pale or pastel colors of a subtly tinted crystal-clear gemstone. The most valuable Lapis Lazuli will be described as deep blue, midnight blue, violet blue or something indigo blue. It may have a scattering of gold flecks caused by pyrite but not too much and no white blemishes although this is very subjective as a dusting of white in a deep blue background can be very evocative of a night sky and much admired.

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Azul Earrings
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