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I am Yosra Ramadan, a jewelry designer and a founder of Roknayah design. I was born in a house in which she tells a lot of stories and traveled to many governorates of Egypt since my childhood. I loved handicrafts and my mother used to buy me tools.  During my studies, I studied ancient Egyptian civilization and was fascinated by the idea of ​​recording them for daily life on temple walls.  I became eager to tell about us like them, until on the day of 2012 I saw a Nubian house and I began to ask who the owners of the house are and how they live and why those drawings and other questions and on that day everything changed l design my first collection and was talking about the Nuba and after it  Several collections of the Egyptian countryside,  Ramadan and Tahteeb are all designed in a contemporary way that keeps pace with fashion now
Why Roknayah?
Roknayah it's mean corner .. We all have a corner in which we remember all happy moments and express our feelings and identity, and a Roknayah whose goal is to express ourselves and the Egyptian identity 

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