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Egyptian designer "Sarah Mekaiel" launched her brand as she has strong intentions to send a hope message through her work to every woman who suffer depression or fighting battles no one know nothing about.

"Sarah Mekaiel" seeks to set new perspective in fashion industry promoting positive vibes through brand designs and colors psychology, as well as presenting new creative inspirational designs to the world.

Born and raised in Cairo, Sarah fascination with fashion and colors began at her young age. She studied Architecture … then Sarah, worked as FF&E designer specialist and showed very high skills in managing , creating new patterns ideas and interesting colors palettes.

As a brand, "Sarah Mekaiel" is one of a kind due to its patterns ideas that reflects deep and positive reflections…
Each "Sarah Mekaiel" product has a hope message with deep positive empowering patterns which all are collected in a unique luxury design.
To design her products, Sarah felt to take patterns that reflect beauty and deep positive impacts that helps her to transforms her ideas to elegant luxury products.

"Sarah Mekaiel" stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to support the cultural value of Egyptian crafts man ship and giving back those in need while promoting trendy, sophistication design on an international scale.

"Sarah Mekaiel" a brand vision is to reach worldwide to every woman who needs hope that we gave to the world through our designs.

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