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Sensera Aromatherapy is an American company based in Delaware, operating in Texas and California, it is a leading company built to deliver Pure Natural & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil from all over the world.Sensera Aromatherapy is a leading company that sells cosmetic, clinical Essential Oil, and other natural products for a Healthier Lifestyle.

Sensera founded by a group of Pharmaceuticals, Medical & Entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience. With their skills for the production of PNT Essential Oil for the Aromatherapy Market, Natural Fine Fragrances & Natural Flavors.

For the Middle East and Europe production, Sensera has collaborated with Herbal Family Group, Herbal Family Group is the leading Egyptian Company for crafting, producing & exporting bulk 100% pure and natural essential Oil directly from their farms and their factories distributed all over Egypt. Herbal Family Group dedicated to export, and we are happy to announce the first & exclusive Company to produce our fine final products in collaboration with them.

Herbal Family Group is certified by ISO 22000 & ISO 9001, FDA Approved.

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