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  • Manoya products are made according to great quality standards supervised by our quality supervisors. Even in the most luxurious bags, marks can appear and occurs naturally. Just like your skin, scratches can leave marks on leather except that your skin can still heal.
    To preserve your bag’s beauty and sustain its value, kindly follow the instructions below:
    Keep your bag away from water, grease, make-up, perfumes, and colored garments.
    If water came in contact with your bag, please wrap your bag in a soft piece of cloth to absorb the moisture. Avoid wiping it.
    Keep your bag away from commercial products designed for other leather use, like shoe polish, turpentine, oil, solvents, and alcohols.
    Keep your bag away from anything rough or scratchy.
    Consult a specialist cleaner or contact us to remove the dirt of your bag.
    If your bag is white or beige or any pale  color, keep it away from light, dust, and stains. It is hard to return the bag to its original condition.
    To keep your bag in shape, stuff it with paper and store it in the sac of its original package.
  • Styled with Red Stellar bag
  • Can be worn 3 different ways
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